An Unusual Mix

It's funny, I'd been wearing these came ankle pants for a few days running (only with a grey wool sweater instead of this top…it's still sweater weather here, do not be fooled). I put on this top thinking I would experiment a bit with the bottoms until I found a look that worked, but before I even got to try any on, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized that I kind of liked this girly, sheer floral appliqué top with the cammo pants. The mixture of hard and soft, the contrasting textures…it almost feels a bit like print mixing, only maybe not quite as bold. Plus, the top kind of dresses-up the rest of the look, thereby distracting everyone from my epically dirty hair.

Normally, I run a mile from anything sheer, because it always seems you are on a lifelong search for just the right thing to wear underneath, and once you find it (if you're lucky enough to find it), you are stuck with a top that you can only wear under one other top. Essentially you now have two garments that you hardly ever wear. This top gets around this phenomenon by having a built-in t-shirt lining underneath. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! Sheer garments for lazy-asses like myself who are fed up with finding the perfect underneath shirt.

 H&M top (last season), similar / Gap trousers (old), similar / Kelsey Dagger booties (old),  similar / Hagit Gorali sterling and pearl ring (old), similar / mother of pearl thumb ring (old), kind of similar


  1. I love the mix of lace and camo! A fresh slightly kinda edgy look. I love it!

  2. Looks great! I love the contrast between the feminine top and camouflage trousers :)

    Emma xxx

  3. My daughter bought this top in black last year and I've coveted it ever since. The white version is so pretty, almost too pretty and therefore perfect with your styling choice today. You always have an air of effortless cool about you x

  4. Love the mix - feminine and camo. And and awesome shoes too. xox



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