I'm Totally Stealing This Look

Greetings everyone. I'm back from my trip away, and just trying to get my ducks in a row. As usual, the weather is not very photograph-friendly at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon. But in the meantime…

I happened across this photograph from Vogue's 2013 photo shoot with the First Lady, and this particular photograph really spoke to me. I don't know if I missed it the first time around or just didn't pay close attention, but I think that this is one of the most perfect modern black-tie looks I've seen in a long time.  It's a sweater and ball skirt by Michael Kors, and I just think it is the perfect answer to all of the fussy and/or obviously overly "sexy" looks that you so often see on a red carpet or at a function. This look is unapologetically feminine, yet almost looks like a look that if someone sent up the "bat signal", the First Lady would be able to just rip-off the train of the skirt, clip on an ammo belt, supplies, and whatever other kit you need to save the world,  and just respond to whatever superhero situation was at hand. This is black tie for women who just might kick you ass, given a different set of circumstances.

If I have to go to a fancy-schmancy event this year, I'm totally stealing this look.


  1. Stunning, elegant, all the good things. Would love to see you in it too! xo



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