Because, Of Course

See? This is why we can't have nice things. Here I stand, attempting to get outside and shoot another casual summer look that is largely secondhand finds and stuff I've had in my closet for a while. The top is J. Crew that I found on Ebay, the jeans are an old pair of Calvin Kleins that I've had forever, and the shoes, the only concession to newness, I got at Ross when I was last in the US for $12.99.  I know, right!? $12.99! They're Aerosoles, and the straps on the wedges are denim, so they look really cute with jeans. 

Sadly, this weather once again put a damper on my grand plans to shoot outside, so I went in and waited….and waited….and waited…..and then it started raining harder. Because of course it did.

This rain makes me wish that I had taken the time to shoot three months worth of posts last week when it was actually nice out. That never happens, by the way - me shooting months worth of posts all in one go.  I'm not that kind of blogger. You know, the kind that actually plans stuff. 

And now I'm panicking, because that nice spell of weather may actually have been summer in the Highlands, now that I think about it. Either way, I'm still waiting. 


  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, you look so darn cute in this outfit that I actually believe that it is nice and sunny out. What excellent finds. I'm all about boho inspired stuff these days and you've got it goin' on.

  2. Love the details of your shirt.


  3. Oh you are still so cute in your grumpy poses! Love that shirt, and I think we are in opposite universes: summer is ten years long here in FL. xox


  4. And the award for "Best grumpy face ever..." goes to you my dear! I love this honest post - it's such a breath of fresh air amongst the pastel coloured, stage managed, prop placed photo shoots which fill so many fashion blogs. And, of course, the outfit is utterly adorable. Simple, cute and perfectly styled. (PS I did think you were a tad optimistic when you posted a "summer" feature recently. As a fellow Scot I thought it was maybe a bit previous!)
    Anna x


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