Reviving the 90s

This dress was on the $2.99 rack at the local Goodwill during my last visit to the States, and in a rare and out of character move, I didn't even try it on before I bought it. I suppose that at $2.99, it would have hardly mattered if it didn't fit, but it just looked kind of easy and breezy, so I figured that I'd take a chance. The whole 90s empire waist thing used to kind of freak me out because it can look kind of juvenile and make you look pregnant, but I guess now I'm old and I just don't give a hoot about either of those things.

That said, I felt that this dress was just a tad short to wear as anything other than a beach dress. It's not the length so much as it is the imminent threat of having the wind blow the back of your dress up and showing the universe your bum, which has actually happened to me before...long story. Short, full dresses catch the wind - thats just what happens. Just Google Duchess Kate Middleton-Windsor if you don't believe me, that woman has a few pics floating around out there that showcase The Royal Knickers on account of a full, short skirt.

I really like this dress best as a layering piece, as I've done here by wearing it over a tank and skinny ankle jean. I stopped short with the 90s referencing at the black velvet choker and chunky-heeled black loafers…you're welcome. You'll also have noticed that this is my 2and or 3rd dress-over-pants outfit post in the past few weeks, so I guess I'm having kind of a thing for it right now. Probably because it's the safe option when you live in a variable climate.

thrifted dress, similar / seven skinny jeans / thrifted Enzo Angiolini sandals (last seen here), similar / alligator stretch ring (old), similar / beaded stretch ring / thrifted earrings, similar

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  1. I love how you added the tank, under, so that a bra can be added without bra straps showing. I'll use that this summer.
    Super cute and love the sandals too!

  2. Hi, Kristin. Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit.
    This dress over skinny jeans look is great. Love the colors in the dress with the denim.
    I recently thrifted a little dress and am preparing a dress over pants look too. I just can't go that bare legged. Have a great week! :)

  3. love the layering, the skinnies and the fab accessories. You look wonderful as always, and enjoying that brief Scottish summer : >



  4. The 90's! It seems like yesterday but I guess the nostalgia has begun. My 25 year old daughter informed that tee shirts under spaghetti strap dresses are all the rage "just like the 90's." And I'm afraid, yep, chokers, too. You are a regular Baby Spice in this look. Soooo cute. $2.99? Shut the door!!


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