Summer Breeze!

I can't even type the words "summer breeze" without bursting out laughing. It all stems from a couple of sailboat trips that my husband and I took with friends. Four of us would rent this sailing yacht called "Summer Breeze" to sail around in the Ionian part of the Greek islands. Summer Breeze came complete with its own soundtrack CD as one of the cabin amenities - songs that the owners of the boat must have thought were appropriate and vacationey-sounding enough to enhance our total sailing experience.  As you might imagine, the Seals & Croft song Summer Breeze was on the CD (the Isley Brothers' version), which prompted us all to sing along in a high falsetto with the chorus. To this day, when the four of us are together (an even when we're not), if the words "summer" or "breeze" (or "rum") come up in conversation, it immediately creates a kind of Pavlovian reaction in one or all of us where we just sort of sing-shout out SUMMER BREEZE in a high falsetto. This can happen absolutely anywhere, public venues notwithstanding, and it's never not funny. In fact, I'm willing to bet that if any of them are reading this post (you know who you are), they've already done it, and people are staring.

How does that story relate to this look of the day, you ask? It doesn't really, except for the fact that for the last few days, it has been beautifully warm and really, really sunny here in the west of Scotland. As luck would have it, I came off a string of work shifts just in time for it, and am about to go back to work just in time for things to go back to our usual mono-climate. So I guess this year I was lucky. You never know, sometimes three days of summer might be all you get.

Another great thing about summer is how easy it is to get dressed. Once again, today's look is completely, 100% thrift store finds from my trips back home to the US. The top, while a pattern that I normally don't gravitate to, lured me in with its bohemian kimono sleeves, and the skirt was a Goodwill find from last year. The shoes were a $4 find from from two years ago (last seen here),  and the accessories are costume - I think the bracelet was thrifted for about $1 a few years ago. I can't remember where the earrings came from. The total cost of this look is probably under $30. Perfect for days where there's a gentle SUMMER BREEZE!


  1. Could be a worse ear worm, one supposes.

  2. 35 now and still crushing on the highlander. Hot and intelligent!

  3. Hah! Always hated that song. But the caftan is fab!!

  4. That is a lovely breezy outfit. I'm loving the shoes. What a great find. And now I've got that song stuck in my head. The Seals and Croft one. I won't even dare to listen to the other one. Eek.

  5. Glad you got to to be off duty for the Scottish summer!! That's a great outfit but now the Isley Brothers are following me around..........

  6. Fabulous look - I love the jewelry and the shoes. But that song - now I shall have it all day. I forgive you, xox



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