The Twenty-Five Dollar Outfit

So here I am visiting my parents and sister in Wisconsin.  You thought I'd disappeared again, didn't you? Well, I suppose I sort of did. But I'm always here, hanging around, like a bad smell. 

The weather in Wisconsin has been cooler than usual for this time of year, but the last few days have seen some sunshine, and I am sitting out on the patio typing away in a tank top and jeans (the very jeans in the picture), so all is not lost. I will go home with a bit of an accidental arm and face tan. 

I brought next to nothing with me on this trip. I like to go for a visit with an empty suitcase and hit the thrift stores with my Mom and sister. So that leaves trying to put-together an outfit post completely up to the Gods of Thrift. 

I didn't go nuts this time around, as I have in the past, but I scored a few nice little warm weather pieces (that will probably never see the light of day once I go back to Scotland tomorrow afternoon). This top is one of them. It is meant to be a dress (on someone who is 5'6" or shorter maybe), but I like it better as a tunic top. It's perfect for travel; it's a material that doesn't wrinkle, and it's patterned. I spill coffee….a lot…like, every day, so this is perfect for travelling when I can't change my coffee-stained shirt.

The ankle jeans are thrifted, the shoes…thrifted (last year). The earrings and ring are borrowed from my Mom. I would say that the total cost of this outfit is about $25. No foolin'. 

See you all when I get back to Scotland. 


  1. That looks great! Here's hoping you can wear it in Scotland, it hit 20 degrees down in the south west a couple of days ago!

  2. Oh, I love traveling light and trusting the thrift gods, too! This top is a super find, it looks so "you", and never mind those fabulous sandals. xox


  3. I LOVE that dress/tunic!!! and you look lovely, as usual!.


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