House of Fraser for the Win

When House of Fraser offered me a chance to have a look at their designer dresses and choose one to review, I immediately knew that I wanted to try a piece from Label Lab; I've always loved the brand's edgy, urban appeal and prolific use of good-quality jersey. I was drawn to this look because it reminded me of some sort of post-apocalyptic Greek goddess. In fact, when it arrived, I liked it so much that I went on to their site and bought it in the other color they make - a heathered grey.

So I guess that pretty much says it all right there.

The end.

Okay, just kidding... but seriously, I really, really like this Label Lab Slash Neck Jersey dress. The jersey is a great quality, the draping and ruching is done in such a way as to be really flattering, and the color is a unique, earthy green that you just don't see so often these days. Additionally, the draped bits and ruching is done in exactly the right amount, especially over the hips and bum - it's just enough to provide a bit of protection from visible panty lines and pooching body parts, yet not so much as to add undue volume to the body or make you look disproportionate. This dress also looks equally at home with a pair of flat sandals or some spiky, edgy heels, making it the ultimate vacation or travel dress.

I'm sold…twice.



  1. Post apocalyptic! You look great in this! It really suits you.

  2. Fabulous dress! It's a great fit and the colour looks amazing on you :-)

    Emma xxx

  3. Most interesting color- very urban and edgy. It looks great on you!

  4. Such a sophisticated dress. It is so perfect for you. House of Fraser must be over the moon to see you in it!

  5. Very cool and modern - and you look fabulous. xox


  6. Love this! Yes, edgy and sexy too. I do the same, buy something in 2 different colors if I am in love with it. Very nice collaboration!! Rockin this outfit, espcially with the grey heels.
    jess xx

  7. Looks amazing! I want that dress


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