Thrift Shop Gypsy

Come dear readers, and stare into The Fashionista's obsidian ball, for The Oracle speaks. The Oracle says that she who shops at thrift stores is a savvy customer indeed, for it is ridiculously easy to throw-together a bohemian-inspired summer look for like, five bucks (Sorry Brits, The Oracle is partial to American slang.) The Oracle says you can fill your closet full of guilt-free finds and still put some money aside for that thing that you are saving for.

The Oracle now demands that you gaze upon these completely natural, not-staged-in-any-way photos of The Fashionista wandering through the Highlands in her latest thrift store find, a cold-shoulder blouse of unknown provenance, which she has paired with a pair of Aerosoles wedge heeled sandals, and some skinny jeans from Target. The Oracle predicts she will wear this ensemble out to dinner later tonight when her husband comes home from his week away at work.

The sooth has been said, it is my will, and it is done.

*eyes roll back into head*


  1. Funny post, I enjoyed that. Great outfit too. I don't often have the patience to thrift store shop and you seem to find some great stuff in the US. I'm not sure it's the same in Toronto. Also, I'm throughly envious of the fact that you live in Scotland. I love it there so much.

  2. you are indeed a wise woman, although many years away from being a crone : > Great look, thanks for linking up! xo


  3. Well said, Sooth. Ha. Couldn't resist. Love those sandals.

  4. Love the whole outfit and accessories! I had great luck yesterday, thrifting. Found a Saint James mariniere (cream with dark red stripes), plus a Banana Republic linen tank, plus Born fuschia wedge sandals with cork soles. Score!

  5. I've just found you on the Catherine Summers #iwillwearwhatilike link-up. Great outfit - and I love the slang! More, please!

  6. one sexy gypsy-Paul

  7. Entertaining post! I used to shop at thrift stores but I'm in a phase of not wanting to wear someone else's clothes. I'm sure it's just a passing phase as they all are! Nice that you can find stylish clothes that way. Usually my thrift store has such old clothes you have to work the vintage look.


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