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I've never really been much of a nails person, although the reasons for this vary from being in a health care profession to just constantly digging around in dirt, messing with dirty animals, and a pretty hearty helping of just not being too bothered about it. I had really sort of given up on manicures.

However, I recently spent the afternoon with a good friend of mine (and fellow American) who has recently become a representative for Jamberry nails as they launch their product here in the UK. The timing was good, as this happened during a spell of time when I was off work, and didn't need to think about the rules, giving me impunity in spending an afternoon decorating my nails with all manner of fancy-schmancy nail wraps. As reluctant as I was to begin with, I have to say, at the time of this writing, I'm officially a convert.

I am pleased to report that I no longer feel like I have given up on manicures. Apart from the initial learning curve as to how to place and seal the nail wraps, it is easy, fun, and the color and pattern combos are endless. Some of the mix and match options are really fun (I've posted some social media shots below), and I'm looking forward to trying more options in the very near future. Specifically, these wraps have opened up the world of deeply-coloured "polish" to me. I've always loved the look of a deep red, navy, or black nail (90s shades, holla!), but the realities of application and removal of traditional polish always meant that I would have either a dubious paint job, or a long-lasting stain left by a dubious paint job on the tips of my fingers. No longer. These wraps come off by massaging a little coconut oil (or whatever kind) into them.

I think it's safe to say that you're going to be seeing more of these in the future.



  1. Loving your mani.


  2. Loving the pics of your manicures keep up the good work and news thankyou

  3. Love these! I am so clumsy I fear the mess I would make but you did it beautifully. xo


  4. Those are really fun nails! I love Jamberry.

    Sincerely, Jennie

  5. OK, I have to admit I'm a bit boring where nailpolish goes and I think it all comes down to laziness. I love the idea of something so effective and simple. These look amazing and I'd love to give them a try. Great to catch up with you again. I really ought to comment more often - again, sheer laziness x

  6. Love these! How fun and boy these turned out well. I have not tried them, but the patterns are neat! I do my own Gel Nails with a LED lamp at home, are they hard to apply just right? Love the yellow for summer..the black and white in your main pic. cool!
    thanks for linking up with turning heads tueday
    jess xx


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