Double Sweaters & Old Boots

While shooting this post, I came to the realisation that this pair of Timberland boots, which I've had for over a decade now and have been like a trusty sidekick during the colder months, are probably on their last legs. The leather is starting to come-away from the zippers, the soles are thinning, and I fear that even a trip to the shoe repair, in addition to being pricey, will not pull these back from the brink. However, we're not there yet, so I'll keep faithfully wearing them until the writing is really and truly on the wall.

It's officially cold out now, and I've always tended to reach for these boots as a standby, as they're waterproof, flexible, and have sturdy lug soles on them so I don't have to worry about the slimy wet ground surface that seems to cover everything most of the year up here. I'll be sad to see these go, but make no mistake, the seed has already been planted that a search for their replacement may be on the horizon. As luck wold have it, the company still makes several permutations of these.

The crisp chill in the air today prompted me to put on not one but two sweaters; the bottom one is a wonderfully warm cashmere cowl neck from Lord & Taylor, and the top layer is a shawl that I thrifted when I was home in Wisconsin. I had to do a bit of jiggery-pokery to get the sleeves of the shawl on over the sweater sleeves and get them all smoothed-out, but it was worth the effort; the result came off like the two pieces were a set that were made to go together. I also liked the way this looked with lighter denim, which I always tend to think of as more for spring and summer. It's a warm and cozy fall-winter look without so much as a shred of black or grey.

thrifted shawl sweater, similar / Lord & Taylor Cashmere cowl neck (old), similar / Gap jeans / Timberland Banfield boots (really old but the newer version of the same boot is available here. Also try the "Savin Hill" style if you like these) / ruby zoisite necklace (old), similar / sterling cuff (old), similar / ruby solitaire ring (old), similar / ruby earrings (old), similar


  1. I love this look. What lipstick is that? It matches the sweater perfectly
    PS did you see that USACE has said that they will not go forward on ND pipeline w/out input from tribes? A little bit of progress! :o)

  2. Hey!
    What a pity, that this poncho is not avaliable any more. I adore the colours. Suits you!

  3. Really like that fringed cardigan! Hope you're able to find a replacement pair of boots that lives up to these.


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