If You Must Wear Black...

As I've gotten older, I've really become more and more adverse to wearing black. I think that this is for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it's absolutely everywhere. This time of the year, looking down a city street leaves you wondering if you have taken a wrong turn and arrived at some sort of mass funeral. It's the color (or anti-color, really) that is thought of as a "safe bet", although I hardly feel like it is when you have a head full of thick, coarse silver hair and a dog to match.  I am constantly picking white hairs off of my black and navy clothing. Is this what it's like to be blonde?

That's not to say that black clothing still doesn't speak to me every once and a while. I'm certainly not going to deny a cool piece that I've happened across while shopping a chance to come home with me simply because of the color. Besides, it works with my colouring.

This was one such piece. I found this at the Goodwill in my hometown in Wisconsin last winter. I fell in love with it instantly. Its a poly crepe fabric that is embroidered and beaded (as you can see) down the front and around the cuffs. It has a perfect ease and drape when you put it on, and I didn't even think twice about bringing this piece home with me. The embellishment seems to give you a little extra kick when you have it on - a glow.  For someone who is black clothing-averse, it's almost like this piece doesn't really count. I liken it to ordering a Big Mac and fries with a diet coke. The embellishment on this blouse is the diet coke; it holds the power to reverse any and all atrocities that you might commit alongside it.

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  1. Cute top, I'm trying to not wear too much black, but sometimes the inevitable happens! Cute top and great eyebrows!

  2. I wear black every chance I get! Love this top, very stylish and cool. Thanks for linking, xo


  3. Love the moccasin booties!! I'm wearing more navy (I'm 51) I'm finding black tops are looking a little harsh on me lately. I'm about 10 weeks into growing my natural grey/silver out. I keep having dreams where my hair is all silver.

    1. I used to have those dreams as well when I first started growing mine out. Often, I would have dreams that I went to the salon and came out with coloured hair, and I was really upset about it. I still have that dream once in a while…must be a loss of control dream. :)

  4. Love this top on you, the embelllishment really makes it! I don't wear too much black or if I wear black it is with color near my face because of fair skin. You can wear it well! Love the metaphor of fries and diet coke hehe.
    Thanks for linking with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx


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