Mixing it Down

It was my intention to do a sort of dressier post today. I had initially picked out this luxurious camel jacket to pair with this skirt, maybe some tights, these boots…but when I put it all on, it was all just a bit too buttoned-down. It was very preppy, tailored, perhaps a bit on the conservative side (I'm not adverse to any of these things), but at the end of the day, just wasn't me.

In my daily life, I really don't have any reason to dress in head to toe professional-grade clothing. At work I wear a uniform, and for things like conferences and whatnot, if I wear a skirt and blouse, or perhaps a shift dress, I'll likely be overdressed. As I have gotten older, my need for professional, office-appropriate attire has gone right out the window, and I have to say, I don't miss it at all.

Sure, I keep a few things on hand. This dress, with a jacket or cardi over it, or perhaps a very loose and undone interpretation of a suit, by way of a denim or cords and a jacket combo. But that is all that is required for my daily life. When I want to get fancy-schmancy dressed for a party or on a cruise, I always wear a dress. It's a rare treat when you live in the cold, wet highlands, and just so much easier to pack (count the days, put that many dresses in suitcase. Done.) It's been that way for over a decade now, so I guess this is me officially declaring to the universe that at the ripe old age of 45, my personal style no longer requires me to give a hoot about about whether or not something is too undone for casual Friday, if something is age-appropriate (that's a dirty word here), or if my body jewellery is going to make me look like a "less serious" human being.  If I were texting this post on an iPhone, I would write it as IDGAF.

For this look, I went back to the drawing board. I kept the skirt (my husband's favourite…it's a Scottish thing I guess), kept the boots, and ditched the black tights in favor of my bare legs with just a hint of anti-embolism compression stockings sticking out the top, yes…sexy, right? The six weeks since my operation are not yet up. But they kind of look intentional in this context, yes? So I went with it. I Swapped the camel blazer for a plain white tee and a denim jacket combo just to keep things from looking too staid, and I instantly felt more like me. Floral adds a nice contrast to the tartan skirt, and added a pop of rosy color…and suddenly, just like that, I can breathe again. That's better.

thrifted denim jacket, similar / Ann Taylor Loft work skirt (old), similar / Gap tee / Nine West boots (old), similar / large turquoise ring (old), similar / small turquoise ring (old), similar / turquoise earrings (old), similar / sterling ear cuff / thrifted floral scarf (old), similar

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  1. I love that you are making the compression stockings work for you!! Awesome!!

  2. Post-op you is looking just like the real you Kristen. Checks and florals are great, and so help to make those stockings a fashion statement rather than a necessity. We need to feel like ourselves fullstop, but more so when we've gone through major surgery as you have. You've bounced back and look really well. Your tip to be in the best of health prior to surgery is vital, and has surely contributed to your quick recovery to norm. Good for you x

    1. Thanks Anna. While I look pretty much like my normal self, I am still not quite to the point where I am safe to do all of the sporty things I like to do. Im not running yet, as even though there is virtually nothing to see one the outside, I still have stitches and whatnot inside that need time. This is the hardest part because by and large, I feel completely awesome, so it's hard to keep from doing more than I should. Instead of my usual beat-down workouts I am walking and doing pilates every day, with some low-impact aerobics and barre work mixed in. It's been good for me to explore another type of fitness, as I tend to just always seem to want to beat my arse into submission in the quickest, most brutal way.

  3. Definitely a fabulous mixing of prints!!
    Not too girly, not too preppy---just right!


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