Where'd She Go?

Hey guys. Long time, no see. No, I haven't thrown myself off of a precipice in a fit of election-fueled despair. No, I'm not lying in a ditch, or trapped inside an old submerged refrigerator in a quarry or at the bottom of a well as you would expect from one of those old episodes of Lassie.

No, I've simply been on the move of late. I will have more on this in a few weeks, and will be resuming just shortly with more fashion-related posts. In the meantime, please entertain yourself by gazing at this incredibly stark yet beautifully monochromatic shot of the North Dakota plains. Once you've accomplished that, click dutifully on this here text to visit the Go Fund Me page and learn more about how you can donate firewood to the Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock. They need your help.


  1. Thank you for service! One of the few fashion / political blogs out there; I love it!
    Donation to our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock: Done!
    Keep it up Companera!
    In solidarity,

    1. Thanks Dawn for your support. There are plenty out there that would rather see me just shut up and keep taking pictures of clothes, which I will always do. I'm pretty sure I scared them all off with my post-election essay, so those of us left standing....welcome to the politically active sisterhood!

  2. Are you going to volunteer? And/or, take the load yourself? I think my network would be interested in donating but I'd like to know a little more. (You can email me through my site link if you'd rather not say any more publicly.)

    1. Hi Maryn. How the wood gets delivered is all a matter of how much money I can raise. It is my hope that I can raise the full amount $2500 so that I can get a decent amount delivered via truck to the camp. I was out there for two weeks when I first got to the states, and as I was leaving, one of the guys at security told me how desperate they were for wood, as it goes so quickly, so I took it to heart. I will be going back myself in a few weeks, so I can take a load as well if need be (and probably will). I will be posting updates on my GoFund Me page as to how we are progressing with the wood fund, and in time I will add some photos and whatnot so they can actually see where their money goes. I will probably be a bit cagey about the particulars until it is delivered, just in case the DAPL people are up to their usual tricks, which they undoubtedly will be.


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