Eternal Bella Luna

I'm always happy to collaborate with the UK-based online retailer Eternal Collection, and apparently, the feeling is mutual, as this is my fifth collaboration! You can see some of my previous collaborations here, here, here, and here. Many of the pieces I have showcased on this blog are still available online, so happy shopping!

To date, this sterling silver Luna Cubic Zirconia and White Freshwater Pearl pendant is one of my favourite pieces that Eternal Collection has sent me to review.  I've taken a swing back to smaller jewellery these days (these things seem to go in phases for me), and this piece seems to kind of bridge the gap between a delicate necklace and a statement piece. The size of the pendant has presence, yet is delicate enough to not feel cumbersome around your neck. Crafted from 925 sterling, it's a breeze to keep clean with your favourite jewellery cleaner, and the sparkle of the cubic zirconias give off just enough sparkle to look enticing without being completely over the top for everyday wear. I'm looking forward to layering this one with some of my other delicate silver necklaces to see what kind of combinations I can come up with.


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