These Old Boots

One of the inevitable side effects of having spent a protracted amount of time at a place like Standing Rock (or anywhere else that requires living away from the consumerism of modern life) is that when get home again, you have a significantly decreased need for stuff.  This of course poses an interesting conundrum for a fashion blogger - an endeavour which sort of rides the tides of trends and a preening acquisition of newness. All in all, I've found that over the past year, I become much more reliant on my favourite thrift haunts to scratch my fashion-lover's craving for said newness, and as a result, my wardrobe has shifted - in line with my sensibilities.

Here is a perfect example of such a shift. I have never considered myself a "cowboy boot person". I think I owned a pair way back when, back in the days where we used to ride horses, but I have not so much as thought on a pair since. This, as it turns out, was a mistake. Over the last year, I have "rescued" a few pairs form various thrift shops, and I love all of them. This pair was the most recent, and as you can see, they are pretty beaten-up - as any self-respecting cowboy boot ought to be. They're actually a really high-end boot; soft, supple leather with hand-stitching all up the front seams. These were likely someone's pride and joy for a long time, if the wear and tear is anything to go by.

I like the idea that someone had these before me; they contain an entire story that I know nothing about. I'm pretty sure these are men's boots (seeing as though I scooped them up form the men's department), so in all likelihood, these boots belonged to someone with a wildly different story that my own. Perhaps someone with wildly opposing political viewpoints, different ideas about what makes-up a credible existence, and over all just a completely different approach to life. Then again, maybe not. Whatever the case was, I like the idea that these boots are perhaps getting a completely different life experience than they did from their previous owner. They're walking through a completely different story now.

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  1. I feel I've failed as a fashionista that I still don't own a pair of cowboy boots yet! In my teens I fell in love with brilliant blue pair when I was at college, but being a student I could only lust after them from afar. You've reignited my unrequited passion and I think I too, will be searching for these when I next go charity shopping.

    Yours do look particularly lovely thanks to the detail and stitching. And yes, they clearly were quite expensive when new so you got a bargain. Great result!

    Anna x


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