Frayed Around the Edges

This saw this little sweater tank from across the room at the Goodwill in my hometown. I noticed it right away, because it was in the hands of another shopper. In the most un-neighborly of fashions, I instantly thought to myself "Put that back. That's mine. That won't suit you. That's for me. Go on…leave it there."

I know, I know...I'm not proud, but that's the truth of the matter. While I certainly don't consider myself a competitive shopper, there is just something about the joy of a unique thrift store find that brings out the predator in me. And it's not just me. It's a family thing. My sister and I routinely run to the shoe department upon arrival at one of our favourite thrift haunts, each pushing each other out of the way, each trying to get there first in order to beat the other to the punch so that we will get the "good shoes". We're in our forties, and we don't even wear the same size.

Luckily, I didn't need to pull a blade on anyone that day in the Goodwill, because the offending customer put this little sweater tank back, and I snapped it up and scurried off to the dressing room like Gollum with his precious ring. The top itself isn't really anything spectacular, but there was just something so different about its fringey, patterned, textured, bohemian vibe that spoke to me. It'll be great just to throw on in summer when the weather is warm. Which it isn't just now, by the way. It is absolutely not warm enough for this outfit right now. I'm just so sick and tired of showing you guys sweaters and boots, and I imagine you're tired of looking at them.

So that's that then. A victoriously thrifted warm weather outfit that nobody had to get thrift-stabbed for. That customer doesn't know how lucky she was that day.

Gimmicks tank (thrifted) / Calvin Klein jeans (old), similar / Topshop shoes (old), similar / Jamberry nail wraps, similar / sterling feather bracelet (old), similar $$, similar bargain

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  1. Yes, the thrift showdowns. The high drama. I'm glad you won that match. I passed up a jacket on the $5 rack and decided the next day that I needed it. I went back and from a block away I saw that a woman already had her hand on it, proprietarily, as she flipped through the rest of the rack. As soon as she moved down the line and took her hand off, I took the jacket, trying to look oh-so-casual. Close call!

    I love your fringed top. It was worth the drama. And I know what you mean about needing to dress weather inappropriately. Enough of the cold already!

  2. It may not be warm, but in that sunshine, it certainly looks it!
    Great top & it looks good on you, tall peson. I'd look like I was wearing a hand-crocheted dish cloth!

  3. We regularly find sets of excellent kitchen knives in our local Goodwill locations. The better to stab you with, mwa ha ha ha ha.

    No, but seriously, we play a game together, Dear Husband and I, called Spot the Murder Weapon. There's always at least one in every location. Usually it is a knife. Sometimes it is a golf club, or a heavy rolling pin.

    I hasten to add that neither of us has ever committed murder, or is ever likely to do such.

  4. You were victorious! An without any violence whatsoever. Great little top, and I am crazy for the fringe. Thanks for linking up, xo


  5. How fun is that gray ombre frayed sleeveless sweater. I love it. And the nude spiked sandals look awesome!

    Welcome by on Thursdays and linkup with me for Thursday Moda. Thanks and Happy Monday!! <3 Ada.

  6. I hate it when I see someone else with "MY" piece of clothing at a thrift store. You have to stalk them until they (hopefully) put it down, but then you feel so victorious! Your top is a real find, I'm glad you were able to get it! Gerrilyn

  7. Very pretty! I love the entire look.
    Classy, elegant, and light-hearted/fun.


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