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For the past year or so, I have been relying more and more on my glasses. It's the same old story; the minute I turned 40, my eyeballs decided that they had done their time and went on strike, making it necessary for me to wear reading glasses. That's how it starts. As these things go, the more you use your glasses, the more you need them, and now I find myself at the point where I have to have my husband read menus to me if I don't have them at a restaurant, or I can't read the clothing or food labels when I'm shopping. So. Here we are. Middle age is a cruel mistress indeed.

I'd been thinking a lot about trying contacts, but every time I bring it up, everyone tells me that I suit the kind of strong-rimmed, statement glasses that I have come to favour over the last several years. Apparently they are kind of my thing now, however inadvertently. It's just as well, because when Glasses USA recently contacted me about a collaboration, I was poised and ready - already looking for a new pair to add to my ever-growing collection, and quite easily decided upon the Muse M Blem frames in Blue Tortoise.

One of the cool things about the Glasses USA website is the sheer volume of style options they have available - over 2,500 styles! To help you sift through your favourite styles, they've incorporated a "virtual mirror" into the site; a feature that lets you upload your own photo and "try on" the frames that interest you.

Prescription lenses are included with every set of frames they offer, and shipping to the US and Canada is free. For those of us who live outside of North America, expedited international shipping is available, as is a full 14 day return policy (30 days for contact lenses), and a 365 day product warranty.  As hesitant as I thought I might be about purchasing frames sight unseen on the internet, Glasses USA has set themselves up to be pretty much a risk-free shopping experience. It may not wind back the clock to that golden age before reading glasses were a necessity, but it certainly takes a bit of the sting out of this whole middle aged thing.


  1. Note to self: If I am "middle-aged" at 58, that means I'll have to live to be 116 to justify calling myself middle-aged. Sigh.

    1. Im stretching it myself. I'll need to get to 90 now.

    2. I love you so much for that, hahahaha!

  2. LOVE those glasses and cannot wear contacts so I'm in the similar boat :)

  3. Damn I wish my librarian was this sexy and fine. Fox!


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