Taming the Beast with John Frieda

On the subject of my hair, suffice it to say that the above photo is not my hair in its natural state. That's why, when I was contacted by John Frieda to see if I might be interested in doing a piece on their Luxurious Volume line, I didn't think I was going to be able to participate. It's not that I didn't want to. I've heard some wonderful things about the line from friends and family - apparently it's a great product for fine and/or thinning hair or for those who just want to dial it up a notch.

No, my problem was really more a problem of genetics. You see, this is what my hair looks like in its natural state, air-dried with nothing done to it other than a handful of hair oil.

As you can see, I am in no desperate need of any product with the word "volumising" in the title. Not even a little bit.  My hair is a volume beast that threatens to devour my head if I don't practice due diligence with my smoothing products. In fact, I always bring my own shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in smoothing product with me everywhere I travel, because I've been caught out so many times staying in places that only had "light" products or "volumizing" products or products for "normal" hair. Not counting the time at my sister's apartment when I washed my hair with dog shampoo . That was a reading glasses and jet lag issue, but I digress.

Luckily for me, John Frieda makes a whole host of products for people like me, who are shall we say….smoothness-challenged. Namely, the Frizz Ease line. The Frizz-Ease line has been on the scene for a while now, and for good reason - it works. I've tried just about every product out there that promises me a smoother, more frizz-free, low-maintenance (that's a biggie) hair-taming experience, and I find that for every new product I try, I always eventually find my way back to John Frieda Frizz Ease.

While I don't possess the skill set (or the patience) to try to get my hair into salon-perfect sleekness, I do try to use my natural texture as a template for the end result; a more controlled, less-frizzy version of my natural self. To that end, I used the Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo and conditioner, and followed with their original 6 Effects Serum. I blow-dried with a large, vented paddle brush and used a straightening iron to smooth the surface and add a few bends here and there where my hair naturally curls. It's easier that way. No sense fighting nature. The result? A much smoother, less beastly version of myself that took no time at all to achieve.



  1. When I was young I always wanted curly hair and even permed it a couple of times heaven help us. Then I got older and realised that one of the few genetic advantages I have in the looks arena is thick hair that doesn't even need conditioner to look like it's been straightened. Unfortunately the same genes gave me a tendency to rosacea and thread veins on my nose!!

    1. Have you tried IPL treatments? I get really bad broken capillaries on my face and I go for a couple treatments about every 2-3 years and they make the world of difference.

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  3. Love your hair! I'm almost 8 months into growing my silver out

  4. Your hair texture is very much like mine....sigh. Taming the frizz.

  5. I've been natural grey since growing my colour out and do find hair can be wiry. Funnily enough I've been using John Freida products the same as you for a wee while and they are excellent. Don't even use my straighteners at all. Washing hair every 2 days and. Applying the serum before blow drying is enough!


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