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Every week I go on about how I'm trying to force the season by not putting together any more sweater and boots outfits, and lo and behold, today I appear before you in….you got it! A sweater and boots! You are hereby a witness to my hypocrisy.

The good news is, if you must continue to wear sweaters and boots well into the spring season, choosing a sweater and boots for which you paid absolute peanuts takes the sting out of it a bit. In fact, had it not been for the cold weather, I could have claimed 100% thrift store provenance for this outfit. However, the cashmere sweater throws off the balance a bit. That came from TK Maxx (no, that's not a typo my American friends…TK Maxx is the British equivalent to TJ Maxx).

Despite the whole cowboy boot thing being highly evocative of another look - that often-questionable "festival" look that lands unavoidably in our laps every season and always promises an unsettling blend of crochet, wellies, and cultural appropriation, I think that with a judicious application you can still work a warm weather cowboy boot. Yes, even in your forties and beyond. For me, the key is not going the full Britney; if you're going to put on a cowboy boot with shorts or a short skirt, you can leave your top half a little more relaxed. Some nice loose layers, an oversized tee…no need for the pushup bra or the gingham bustier. That, in cowgirl terms, is I believe what they might call an "overcooked rump steak."

thrifted Laura Ashley blouse, similar / thrifted denim skirt, similar / thrifted Dan Post cowboy boots, similar / Maxx Studio cashmere cardigan (old), similar / Barca necklace (old), similar / 14K Sleeping Beauty turquoise studs last seen here



  1. Hi Kristin,
    It's lovely weather here in S. Florida. When do you anticipate moving to the house you're building?
    Will you terribly miss the Highlands? When I moved back to Florida after 3 months with my partner, living in Cambridge, the transition was really tough. So much beauty over there and such attention to quality of life & appreciation for old buildings and history. Not here.

    I'm now a regular reader of your blog but won;t sign up because I avoid the evil Google.

    You have great legs!!

    1. Hi Cara! Thanks for the comment! We don't have a set date for the move, but a rough estimate for living there full-time…maybe 5 years? The house will be finished in late june (I can hardly believe it) and we plan on letting the builder use it as a model for a while so we can save some wear and tear in the rental market. Yes, I will miss some aspects of the highlands, but perhaps I would answer that question differently on a day where the weather wasn't freezing cold, raining, SNOWING, SLEETING, and just generally unliveable. As much as I love it over here, I am also very much looking forward to living somewhere more hospitable weather wise (I don't mind the heat…worked for the cruise lines for years). I love tennis, and am looking forward to having more employment opportunities than are afforded in a small place. Not sure how I'll spin the blog to match….perhaps Highland Fashionista In Paradise or something like that...

    2. Oh and thanks for the legs comment (blushing). They're a bit tree trunk like when I've been working out a lot, but they're MY tree trunks, and they keep me upright.

    3. Well, your everyday wardrobe will definitely change! I love boots and so rarely are they necessary. I do get to wear them when we travel to Europe, or Vancouver, though.

      Thrift score this past weekend, just in time for a trip to Amsterdam, because my friend said you'll need boots for when it rains– a $20 pair of Blundstones in perfect condition. There were 2 other pairs that were too big & I wished I knew someone who they'd fit & would use them!

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  3. So glad to meet another local thrifting fan! I'm sorry to hear about the fire though. And thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely follow your tips while I go for next shopping.


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