Woolen Eveningwear

I had to attend a dinner a few weeks ago, and as much as I was looking forward to putting on something pretty and feminine after a winter-long partnership with my long johns, insulated onesie, and fleece-lined leggings, the thought of going out into the windy, wet Scottish night in a thin silky dress made me want to curl up in a ball in front of the fire and pull the blanket over my head. Luckily, my closet provided me with a solution to my conundrum.

I've had this stretch wool Prada top and this Tibi tiered wool skirt  for a while now, and had never thought to actually put them together as a look, so that was a first. I did however ditch the tights that I probably should have worn if I were being true to the climate. However, I just couldn't bear the idea of so much black at a time of year where we are meant to be looking forward to spring.

The result of this pairing was better than I expected. It was comfortable, easy to wear, and I wasn't freezing my bahookie off in a flimsy cocktail dress.  In fact, this look worked so well on the night, that I was even able to take the point-blank, full-force blast of an overturned decanter of red wine, and with a quick trip to the loo, it didn't even show.  A bit of hand washing in the sink the next morning, and the outfit is ready to go for another night…although after looking at the photos, perhaps I should have steam pressed it before wearing it again.

Meh, whatever. Life is short.

Prada top (old), similar £££ / Tibi skirt, similar £££/ Stuart Weitzman pumps / sterling cuff (old), similar / sterling earrings (old), similar


  1. A skirt, flattering top, mention of bahookie, hot model, great post, happy viewer.


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