Jeans for Freaks Like Me

Every once in a while you pick up a pair of jeans on the discount rack and ask yourself "why are these so cheap?"... but then you see the fatal flaw. Sometimes it's a rip right in the crotch, sometimes they have an impossibly short hemline, sometimes they are a mis-marked size that you discover when they fit like a sausage casing despite being marked your size, and sometimes…they appear to have a freakishly long hemline. So long they actually look like comedy pantlegs. I rejoice in discovering a pair of long comedy pantlegs on sale, and gladly trot-out my 4-inch wedge platform sandals, safe in the knowledge that even with the added height, These trousers will actually go all the way to the ground. #tallgirlproblems

This is actually a pretty nice pair of jeans that I found on the cheap. They're MiH Marrakesh jeans, a brand that I've never tried before, and they have a sort of 70s flare to them. (I accidentally typed that as "07's flare" initially….yes, they are styled in the pantaloon fashion of 1907, with a whale bone corset waistband and matching parasol, in case you get the vapours...…I totally should have left that typo in). I paired it with an embroidered shirt to kind of play up the whole 70s thing, although when it comes to 70s derivative fashion, I draw the line at sparkly green eyeshadow.  There's freaky, and then there's freaky. 

MiH Marrakesh jeans / Tommy Hilfiger embroidered long sleeve henley (old), similar / Sterling feather cuff (old), similar / semi-precious stone and sterling earrings (old), similar / thrifted belt, similar / thrifted cork wedge sandals (old), similar



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