The Sessions Dress

Recently, my husband accidentally put a few of my ancient cotton sundresses in the dryer, and they shrank to the point of no return. It wasn't a total catastrophe, largely due to the fact that I refuse to pay a lot of money for sundresses - garments that are essentially two small squares of fabric and a few strategically placed straps.  I scoured the internet looking for replacement dresses, and was so underwhelmed by the offerings (not to mention the fabrics…who wants to wear polyester in the heat of summer?!) that I came away empty handed.

Off to the thrift stores I went, and within 30 minutes, had secured two replacements for the two dresses that I had lost. Sure, a lot of the time a thrift store dress might need a little "tweaking"….a shortened hem here or the removal of a hideous bow there, but by and large, you can usually find things in the thrift shop that are every bit as lovely as what's new on the rack, for a fraction of the price, and in much more humane fabrics.

I call this little black cotton floral slip dress the Sessions Dress because I sewed the newly-shortened hem by hand while watching The Sessions hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee.  And drinking a beer. It seems I can't watch my U.S. government in action at all these days without wanting to reach for an alcoholic beverage.  So this dress, along with AG Sessions, were both getting prodded at the exact same time.  Also an interesting aside: the Sessions dress, once you slip it on,  also has the uncanny ability to make you lose your ability to recall a lot of things that may (or may not) have happened to you in your recent past.  I think that last line is a joke, but I'm still wearing the dress, so I can't recall writing it.

Even though this dress works really well on it's own, I actually prefer a slip dress with another layer underneath, in this case a plain white tank. Whether it's because it dresses it down a bit, or is residual of all the time I spent in layered slip dresses in the 90s is anyone's guess, but it just looks and feels right to me in this permutation. To wear it out, I would probably put it with a little more substantial shoe, like a lightweight wedge or something, but on the day in question, I just wasn't really feelin' it - I wanted to keep things simple. Must have been all that beer I drank to get through the Sessions hearing.  Erp.

thrifted slip dress, similar / thrifted sandals, similar / sterling and turquoise bracelet / 14k gold and turquoise earrings (old), similar / sterling and turquoise ring (old), similar



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only person with names for their clothes. I find it helps when making a packing list too!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I really like the shoes, too. I've been trying to find only shoes that allow one's feet to retain their normal shape (WIDER at the toes) and these sandals do that. You may find as you age that pointy shoes, or even tapered ones take their toll. I have.

    That dress will do you well in Florida.
    hope you get more sun.

  3. So sorry that this lovely garment has to bear the name of that person. Not enough beer in North Carolina to drown out the bile that his testimony invoked from my gall bladder.

  4. Love the touches of turquoise!


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