Me Pretending It's Warm

After more or less a month of only sporadic bouts of sunshine, the sun finally came out yesterday. But just to keep us from getting a big head, there were also 40 MPH winds, so it really wasn't warm enough to walk around without a sweater or jacket.

Himself and I were in Florida a few weeks ago putting the finishing touches on our house, and I left about 90% of my summer clothes there. It occurred to me that I only wear them when I am actually on vacation or in those rare moments where we have an afternoon that is uncharacteristically warm. However, in keeping with my desire to differentiate between the seasons, I am now faced with the challenge of using the few summery pieces that I do have left to make different combinations, of which this is one.

I've always been of the mind that a cute top is sort of a warm weather "get out of jail free" card, the same way sundresses are. You really only need that and a simple bottom piece, and you're off and running. I found this 70s-inspired embroidered blouse on a sale rack several months ago, and I was drawn to it because it's comfy, floaty, and yet can handle some chunkier accessories (like my favourite turquoise pieces that I always wear) without looking overwrought. Because let's face it - when it's hot, the last thing you want to be doing is faffing about with a lot of fussy layers. Or even when it's not hot, although I may be the only person on the globe right now who can make that claim by the looks of the international weather maps.

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  1. This top is all that we need as you say to build a summer outfit for North of the border with your extremes of climate. You can't go wrong with white and denim is a great pairing. Love this look, all of it, especially with the addition of your turquoise jewllery - fab!

    Anna x

  2. I've an acquaintance in Aberdeen who claims that the most effective sunscreen in the world is to move to Scotland.

  3. This is absolutely true. 100 percent.


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