The Beach Ghost Dress

Not so long ago, I told you guys about the unfortunate fate that befell a few of my summer sundresses  at the hands of my husband's enthusiasm for putting things in the dryer, and my subsequent efforts to replace them on the cheap. Those efforts resulted in the Sessions Dress, a cheap thrifted dress that I altered the hemline on during the Sessions Senate hearing. This is the companion piece to that cheap little thrifty dress find, purchased during the same outing. I'm calling this one the Beach Ghost dress, because it really only consists of a few sheer, filmy layers of gauzy cotton that once again, I had to hem by hand - this time while watching Ghost Adventures reruns, something that is pretty much running on a constant loop at my house.

I got this dress specifically to wear to the beach. I'm guessing that this is one of those hippy, flea market type dresses, because it is so light you literally feel almost naked in it, making it perfect for a really hot sweltering beach day. I do however concede that this dress has this sort of strange boob harness effect in the front (who doesn't love a good boob harness, right ladies!?), but for the three pounds I paid for it and what I intend to use it for, I think I can put up with a bit of boob-harnessing for the sake of slogging across the sand to get to the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. Great summer dress!


  2. Perfect for hot Florida weather.

  3. Beautiful dress! I love how it matches with your sandals!

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