American Wellies

As much as I see the need for those tall, rubber Wellington boots that are so ubiquitous over here, I've never really been able to bring myself to like them. They're hot, itchy (literally a cordial invitation to a fungal infection), and they don't really offer anything in the way of support. Plus, the branded versions start at about £75. If I need a rubber boot to slog through some mud, I'll take the £12.99 garden store variety, thanks very much. However, if I want a pair of boots that I can slog around in out of doors that looks halfway decent but not fussy, give me a good old pair of worn-in cowboy boots, every time.

This particular pair are from Dan Post, and they are extremely comfortable - they've got some sort of squishy sole kind of arrangement going on that offers both comfort and support, and you can clomp around in the wet or the dust easily without having to get all uptight about it. They also give a bit of an edge to a look, but at the same time keep it casual. I was recently visiting some friends out in Colorado and Arizona, and I literally wore this outfit (or some permutation thereof) every single day. Literally - every day. Don't believe me? Look, here's a picture of me at Great Sands National Park wearing this exact outfit.

Okay, that's just a shot of my head, and 1/18th of my shirt, but still. I promise you, it's there.

Is this, when considered for its sartorial value, a particularly inspired or unique look? I suppose not, but it is one of the most versatile looks on the planet, layers well, and is absolutely my go-to-travel look. So now you know - if you see someone dressed like this in an airport, or perhaps more realistically, sitting in the airport bar sipping a craft IPA, it's probably me. Come say hi.


  1. Cowboy boots over rubber boots ANY DAY.

  2. Cowboy boots are work boots for a specific purpose, just as are Wellingtons. I see no reason whatsoever not to wear cowboy boots everywhere, all the time, if you want to. And if they fit properly, so they don't rub blisters on your feet. And if you air them out from time to time so they don't stink.


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