Entering The Dark Season

I'm sure in many, if not most places on the globe, you are still experiencing the summer heat, but here in the west of Scotland, there has already been a distinct turn in the air. The days are noticeably shorter and the air has that kind of decomposing foliage tinge to it that is always the harbinger of fall. I still hold out hope for one last gasp of warm, sunny weather, but you just never know. We may very well already be hurtling head first into the long, dark days of the dark season; dark when you go to work, dark when you come home...I liken it to living in Mordor, with perhaps slightly less fire.

It's only natural to sort of crawl inward when the days start to shorten and turn dark, and my sartorial sensibilities tend to reflect that. This week I didn't have to work so I decided to go with some nail art that would make Sauron himself proudly take off the chain mail and show off his digits. My friend Elisabeth is a consultant for Jamberry nail wraps, and these are some really cool nail wraps (now discontinued I believe) that she gave me to try a while back. I'm a huge fan of nail wraps - they're easy to put on and there is a whole world of possibility at your fingertips (snort) for someone like me who is hopeless with a bottle of enamel and that tiny little brush. You can mix and match wraps (this particular manicure is a blend of the discontinued pattern and a few others I had), and they don't damage your nails with a bunch of chemicals the way traditional manicures do. I'm a convert.


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