My Four Favorite Fashion & Beauty Fails

For a person that writes a blog that deals chiefly in fashion and beauty, I am actually a really terrible ambassador for these two endeavors - particularly when it comes to beauty. I have always been a low-maintenance kind of a gal, so things like regular manicures, waxing, tooth whitening, false eyelashes, self tanning...basically anything that requires a certain amount of fuss and effort, I simply won't do on a regular basis, if at all.

However, that's not to say that I don't occasionally like to try. I very much enjoy trying new things, and every so often, like the idea of at least looking like I might actually be one of those impeccably groomed, art-directed women that you see online (never gonna happen), so I decide to try again. And, consistent with my inability to stick to little fussy beauty routines (or read the instructions on product packaging), more often than not my efforts miss and hit the wall.  Also, sometimes s**t just happens, even without my encouragement. So in no particular order, I present to you, some of my favorite fashion and beauty fails from my time here at the blog. Follow the linked titles for the full postings.

1. The Time I Was in Italy and Totally Ripped the A** Out of My Jeans

 2. My Attempt at Applying This Weird Korean "Peeling Underarm Perfume" (in retrospect, I think that is a fancy code name for deodorant)

3. The Time I Tried to Do Ombré Nails and Ended Up Looking Like I Had Just Manually Removed My Own Spleen From My Abdomen

4. The Time I Taped My Own Eye Shut and Wrote Elle UK An Indignant Letter


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