Product of the Seventies

Funny story - right after I shot this post, I was in our closet and found a massive fly on the floor that appeared to be in the very last stage of its life. Trying to be a kind human, I very carefully lifted it on to a sheet of paper and made for the window, so that it could enjoy its last moments on Earth outside in freedom. Apparently the fresh air that came in when I opened the window gave the insect a new lease on life, because instead of simply flying out the open window (which was literally two centimeters in front of its head), it shot straight back at me, and literally dove straight down my cleavage and got wedged between the elastic of the empire bustline of this top and my boobs. Hilarious interpretive dance ensued, and eventually it found it's own way out the bottom of my top. I do not know if it ever found its way outside or not. I left the window open, but if that's the way he wants to play it, he can find his own way out. If you ask me it was all just an elaborate ploy - maybe a bet with his fly buddies to see if he could get enough sympathy to cop a feel. They're proably all sitting around their local dung pile right now laughing about it.

This top, in addition to being a very effective insect catcher, was a thrift store find at one of the local charity shops. Lightweight and easy to wear in summer, I like things like this that are sort of bohemian and 70s-derivative. When it's hot (not that it's hot here, know), 70s bohemian clothes are by and large less restrictive and look effortless. Unless you're a fly, in which case it takes a great deal of effort indeed.

thrifted top / MIH Marrakesh jeans / Turquoise necklaces (old), similar $$$, similar (bargain)


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