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So I tried it again you guys. Remember about a month or so ago when I experimented with a bright turquoise temporary haircolor?  A few weeks ago, I thought I would give it another go. I really liked the way it had turned out last time (even though I did not follow the instructions...not even a little bit), so my curiosity had been piqued. This time around, I chose Colorista by L'Oreal.

I still am not quite ready to try one of these colors that doesn't wash out immediately (some of the temporary colors last for up to 2 weeks, so if you are thinking about experimenting, make sure you choose judiciously!), so I went with the Colorista 1-day sprays. Most of these sprays are meant for lighter hair than I have naturally, grey notwithstanding, but I figured with my silver, it would show up enough to make a statement. It did show up...eventually. All I had to do was decant two entire cans of the stuff into the ends of my hair. What you're looking at here is one entire can of the lavender, and one of the lighter blue, which probably was really the reason any of it actually showed - the mix of the two colors. The result isn't terrible, but it's not the stunning contrast that I got with the turquoise that I used the last time (shown below for comparison). Add to that, when you have to use two entire containers of the stuff to get a result (on only the bottom third of your hair no less!), there is just no way your hair is going to feel good to touch. Not even for a temporary stint. I took this photo after I had brushed it out, and let me tell you, I thought I was going to have to call the fire department to get the comb out of the ends of my hair, such was the struggle that ensued. Even if you're across the ocean from me, you may have heard my screams of profane colorful language as I ripped the comb through the ends of my hair. Pretty sure they could hear it from space.

So yes, while it's not a completely wasted effort, if you're looking for a one day spray and have thick dark, or even salt and pepper hair like me, prepare to purchase a 12-pack of this stuff - you're gonna need it.


  1. I like both looks on you. Too bad you had to use so much product. I'd love to see you try a cool maroon/oxblood color; then you'll match the trucks when you lose your mind and finally call the fire department.

    I'm sure you know about Manic Panic. I've tried it in a few different colors, and it's pretty bright when you first put it on, especially if you have light hair to start with. Because it's temporary, it fades with time. But it takes awhile, so waiting for the color to fade requires a bit of patience.

    I had light blonde highlights when I aggressively streaked my hair with MP in bright pink. (I've also used deep blue/purple, red, teal, and green, to good effect. Not at the same time.) I had the pink for a few weeks. When it was time for new highlights, my French colorist gasped with horror at the sight of it, tut-tutted, then stripped it out of my hair (I assume with bleach). It came out easily, perhaps because it had faded somewhat. Maybe the color hung on because the hair was already bleached. I would have been happy to let it fade on it's own, but maybe I would have tired of it before it was completely gone. I guess the lesson here is, prepare for some level of commitment if you try MP.

  2. You really can't tell there's a color!

  3. Turquoise is much better- you look like a beautiful mermaid ;) could be a summer FL look...?


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