Happy Halloween

Greetings everyone. if you're following my Instagram feed, you'll already know that I am still visiting family in Wisconsin, so that's why my postings have been a little sporadic of late. However, I'm headed back Tuesday, with a much heavier suitcase than I left with, so I will be back in the sartorial saddle in no time.

With regard to the above explosion of runny kohl eyeliner - my sister and I had a gig this weekend doing readings for a benefit for the Twin Cities Opera Guild. She reads the Tarot, and I read the Elder Futhark runes. If you've never heard of the Elder Futhark -  you know how in the movies, the villagers go to visit the "seer" to help sort the answers to their life hardships, and the (usually crusty old) seer reaches into a bag of stones with strange, witchy-looking markings on them, casts them upon the ground and reads them? It's kind of like that, with a lot less tuberculosis and chickens running around. The Elder Futhark is a proto-Germanic alphabet that is based on 24 symbols, or "runes." Each has a meaning and also ties-in pretty seamlessly with Norse mythology, making it the perfect divination tool for mythology nerds like myself. Want a reading? I'll hook you up.

But I digress. They told us to "dress the part", so for the sake of doing as I was instructed, I got to walk through the doors of one of the fanciest country clubs in the Twin Cities wearing this makeup, and clothes reminiscent of my grungy, petulent, junior high school self. Bucket list objective complete.

I'll be back in the UK on Weds morning you guys, so in the meantime, have a fantastic Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve...whatever you prefer to call it! Please be entertained by this short remake of that famous scene from Hitchcock's Psycho that I did a few years ago when I was left alone with too much time on my hands and a lot of caffeine coursing through my veins.


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