Sweater Weather

I feel a bit like a fraud pretending to go with a full-court press "fall sweater weather" post, because as you well know by now, it is always sweater weather in Scotland. Literally every day.  Between the climate and the trips to Florida, seasons no longer really exist for me. Just clothes. However, the leaves are quickly turning, meaning the backdrop for my photo shoots has finally fallen in line with the stated season, so why not?

Very little about this look is new, with the exception of the bag, which I will get to in a minute. This is a secondhand Vineyard Vines chambray dress that I found on Ebay that has proven itself to be a good transition piece. The boots I've had for years, and will likely have until the day I die. In fact, they may very well need to pry me out of them on the day that I die. I love how they are just the right balance of slouch, toughness, and femininity, and you can change a look instantly by adding them - as evidenced by pairing them with this very conservative preppy chambray dress.

The Aran wool cardigan I've dubbed my "final destination sweater." NOT because when you wear it, you receive a premonition from beyond about your own demise (that will only make sense if you've seen the movie), but rather because when I found it in a thrift shop in my hometown in WI, I turned over the tag to find it read "handmade in Scotland". So I bought this Aran sweater secondhand in Wisconsin that someone else had likely bought in Scotland and I returned it to its homeland.  I'm not sure if it's happy about this turn of events or not, but I thank it for its service nonetheless.

It's rare these days that I have new stuff to show you (I've been on a secondhand kick for a long time now), but the bag is new. I was really down to only one handbag, believe it or not - okay, plus a few clutches, they don't count. I have been carrying the Louis Vuitton that I treated myself to on my birthday some years ago pretty much exclusively since I got it, which is really what you want when you spend a bajillion dollars on a handbag. However, I realized that sartorially, when I wanted to wear something with a bit more edge to it, that bag sort of stood out. Plus, I appeared to be the only female on Earth who did not own a black handbag, so I decided to rectify the situation.

This bag is Rebecca Minkoff. I have loved her bags for a very long time, and I have a feeling that in purchasing this one, my streak of being a one (ok two) handbag person may have just ended.


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