A New Old Jacket & The Only Clean Jeans

Man, it got cold out here in a way that just feels like it just came on all of a sudden.  It really feels like this year, we sort of went directly from "summer" (Scottish summer) to winter, giving fall a complete miss. I'm sure that this sentiment is not at all helped by the fact that I definitely wanted to be wearing my full-length skinny deconstructed jeans for this photo and not have my ankles hanging out (for sartorial reasons as well), but the jeans I wanted to wear were in the wash. To be honest, that's a pretty good summation of how this blog operates. Most bloggers like to show you what's on-trend or seasonal - I show you what's clean. Mostly.

I found this jacket at the local Goodwill when I was home in the States. It's by Rock and Republic, is made of cotton, and fits like a glove. I especially like that it has 3/4 length sleeves - I am one of those people who almost always pushes her sleeves up. I can't speak to why that is, other than a lot of the time, sleeves just feel like they're in my way, dammit.

I actually found this jacket in the Halloween costume section of the Goodwill. I'm not sure why, but I'd venture to guess it's because of the rhinestones that line the jacket. I guess to some, rhinestones = costume.  However for some of us, rhinestones = fun clothes that you could easily envision yourself wearing while day drinking in Vegas with your bestie.

Judith Ripka sterling hearts ring / thrifted jacket / Dune booties (old), similar / Calvin Klein jeans (old), similar


  1. Great jacket, and especially nice that it's a natural fibre!

  2. I totally get the 3/4 sleeves OR push up the sleeves, dammit! Same here.
    The rhinestones looks great with the jeans, which would be the only way I'd try wearing some. 🙂


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