Giant Peach Poncho

I saw this big peach garment on the hangar at a small boutique that I was in last week, and while it didn't look like much on the hangar, I thought it had potential. Turns out I was right. This poncho-like top is big enough that you can do the no pants thing (that's pants in the American permutation...trousers if you're British), or layer it over jeans or tights.

I've paired it with a pair of ancient woolly leggings that upon closer inspection, have definitely seen better days (what the more season won't hurt). The top is by British designers McCullock and Webber, and it is absolutely perfect for things like air travel, layering-up in questionable weather, dressing for cultural appropriateness (in places where you have to cover-up), or just any time you want to be super duper comfy.

I've made mine into something appropriate for my current location on the globe, but I can easily see this with bare legs, a pair of wedge sandals, and a big straw beach tote for warmer climates as well.


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