Me & My Shadow...And some clothes

Typical of his breed, Fergus the Bearded Collie doesn't just love to be around the people, he needs to be around the people. After all, a guy could miss something in the precious few moments that the people disappear up the lane to take some photographs, or when trying to use the bathroom alone.

So it was really not a surprise to me when, moments into trying to shoot these photos, I spotted a fluffy grey and white cloud heading in my direction up the path. He had been told to "stay" on his favorite bench (it was a rare dry day today, and he likes to sit on the deck and keep watch over the street) and it stuck...for about a minute before his curiosity (and ability to go through the front gate when properly motivated) got the better of him.  So today, I welcome Fergus into the blog. He is wearing his signature dove grey and white fur, and no accessories. A fan of minimalism, Fergus tends to shun accessories. He tells me they're "gauche."

This dress was a thrift shop find, and by looking at it, you'd never know that I ironed it, but I did. And then proceeded to run around in it all day, so it's looking a bit rumpled - I was sitting in the car. However, when I saw this utility-style dress, I knew it would be one of those pieces that you can get a lot of wear out of. It's cotton, so works well in warmer climates, but the solid, darker color means you can winterize it as well. I layered it over a long-sleeved tee, and paired it with my tall black boots (yes, again) and a sort of OTT rhinestone necklace. I liked the juxtaposition of the sturdy, utilitarian feel of the dress against the hyper-girly necklace.  It makes me giggle. Just like this dog - he's awesome.



  1. Great to see you again, Kristin, and you're looking wonderful! Great look, and scenery, and of course an irresistible pup. Thanks for linking up, xo


  2. Great dress and wonderful dog! I’m impressed that you are managing bare legs at this point in the year or does it feel warm compared to your experiences in the snow last year? MaureenC

  3. Very nice. I love yours skirt and knee high boots.


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