Be Your Own (Budget) Slim Aarons Photo

I've always been a little obsessed with those Slim Aarons society photos that show people lounging fabulously, impeccably turned-out, in front of stately mansions and jet-set locales that most of us mere mortals will perhaps only visit in a passing way during our lifetimes. Aarons' photos are as colorful and as timeless as the clothes featured in them, and the people are glamorous (albeit almost always white), and look like they are enjoying themselves immensely, if in a rather self-conscious way. Also, they are frequently drinking, which may have something to do with their perceived joviality. Something tells me that these people looked every but as chic passed-out in a hibiscus bush from being out in the sun all day drinking nothing but alcohol as they did in the photos.

Whatever the reason, I knew that when I saw this Mumu (caftan...whatever you want to call it) for $10 in a favorite Wisconsin thrift shop...I knew I needed it. It reminded me so much of the women in the Slim Aarons photos - always surrounded by foliage and wearing (and drinking)  something chic and interesting. At some point, I fully intend on swanning out onto the lanai in Florida (when we have guests, naturally - for full effect) wearing this baby. "Oh, this old thing? Oh thank you sweetie....yes, regular lounge attire can be just such a bore, don't you agree? Oh....why yes, I'd love another cocktail..."



  1. Gorgeous! Love it reminds me of vacations in Hawaii when all women in the family wore one


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