Covered Perfectly on Holiday

Right before I was about to hop on a flight to the States and re-become Floridian for a few weeks, I was contacted by Pauline Durban from Covered Perfectly. As it turned out, the timing couldn't have been better, because Covered Perfectly is a company that makes perfect pieces for both fit and flattery - something invaluable while traveling. And of course, for any other time too.

Durban created the company after moving from the UK to the USA in 1992, with a view to creating comfortable and flattering pieces for women over 50, something that she herself had always felt she struggled to find. With Covered Perfectly, Durban has absolutely achieved her goal, and the company makes all of their garments right here in the USA!  While at 46, technically I'm still a few years shy of Durban's stated demographic of 50, it hardly matters. Really, the only requirement here is that you are a fan of well-made, easy to wear pieces that you can just put on and go - something that quite frankly, has no age demographic. It's this wonderful (and elusive) quality of a knit piece that delivers such ease that led me to choose the Wrapover Top from their Micro Modal collection.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package containing the top (okay, it was actually the second  thing - after the gorgeous saturated teal color), was the quality of the modal jersey. These days, doesn't it feel like we're always being disappointed by thin, "peelie-wallie" (as they say in Scotland) jersey knits that show your absolutely every lump and bump? If I had a nickel for every terrible jersey maxi dress I've relegated to the "NO WAY" pile in a shop, I'd be a very wealthy woman. But not this time. This top has a great hand to it, and just the right weight to the fabric to give a beautiful drape without pulling or feeling heavy. It also has a sewn-in panel, taking away the need to layer it over a camisole.

I paired this top with a white denim skirt; white and teal are a really lovely pairing for warm climate dressing, and gold accessories also add a glow of warmth against the teal. I had packed my favourite gold and turquoise earrings to pair with this top - it really looked like they were made for each other!

Interested in trying a piece? Can't say I blame you. And what's even better is that the company is prepared to offer you guys, my faithful readers, a 20% off coupon on one or two items on the site. Simply add the coupon code KB20 at checkout to receive your discount.


  1. Man with a crush - "This post was worth the wait. I will always hope for more. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fabulous new top, and welcome back to Florida! You don't look like Christmas in the Highlands today : > thanks for linking up, xo



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