This Badass Bag

I threw this outfit together today for one reason and one reason only; I wanted to dress around this bag. This was another charity shop find, and quite a fun one at that. It caught my eye right away hanging on a high hook, because it smacked of being really well-made, which as it turns out it is. It's a really nice quality leather - sturdy but not too stiff. The front has hand-stitching, and of course, fringe. It's a label called Nine, which is Savannah Miller's (the actress Sienna Miller's sister) line.

I almost didn't take this one home. I kept telling myself I didn't need such a "theme-y" bag, which is really only partially true. I've been pretty much using my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag for everything since I got it several years ago. It's still my everyday "only bag I'll ever need" bag, but I've lately begun to realize that I need a little variety in my bag life as well - especially for nights out where a more refined bag isn't really the thing. That and, at the end of the day, the bag was £12, and I finally just talked myself out of being such a killjoy cheapskate and bought the bag already. I mean, come on, right? £12 for a sizeable leather fringed hobo bag. What's my problem?

This bag ticks all of the boxes. As I said, it's well made, a high-quality leather, roomy, and comfortable to wear. Oh and fun. Because why else would you by a fringed bag if not for the fun factor?  But be that as it may, when carrying something so statement-y, I found that you don't really need to do much else other than provide a decent backdrop, so I chose a camel hair blazer, a black cami and boots, and jeans. With an accessory like this, if you try to carry the bag's theme through to your look too much, you'll likely wind up looking like an extra from Deadwood or something. Which would be awesome too, in a different context.

thrifted bag Nine by Savannah Miller / Ralph Lauren camel cashmere blazer (past season), similar /  Nine West boots (old), similar / 14k gold Byzantine necklace (old), similar 


  1. I can understand the need to dress for your bag. That is definitely a bad-ass bag. And a deal! But I want to see your Deadwood look too. Hahaha!! Awesome mani too.


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