The Year-Round Summer Skirt

Greetings readers - yep. Still here. I was away last week for a quick break to the Canary Islands to get away from the weather here, and have only just today had the right combo of dry weather and not being at work ( or trying to recover from being at work) to be able to get outside and shoot photos. So here we are. At long last.

I've been trying not to shop for a lot of clothes lately. Quite frankly, I just don't need any at the moment, and with an eventual move to Florida on the horizon in another few years, there is a finite amount of wooly, dark, heavy weather clothing a gal needs. However, summer clothes are something that I still need and use on both sides of the pond. While I've left a lot of my warm weather things in Florida, I still need some here in Scotland too, and had to be sort of judicious about the pieces I decided to keep here. I tried to go with pieces that could pull double duty if need be, and a pretty good example of such a piece is this silk Lilly Pulitzer skirt.

Yes, it's very lightweight (although fully lined) and necessitates the wearing of tights underneath if you choose to wear it in colder weather, but the colors and pattern actually work quite well layered-up with a dark, wooly peacoat, tights, and booties. I chose a 90s era sleeveless cashmere sweater to pair with it, because the higher waistband on the skirt melded well with the more cropped length of the sweater, and it didn't interfere with the pockets on the skirt. Yep, that's right - pockets.  We all ove a skirt or dress with pockets, amirite?

So this skirt has sort of become my wardrobe's poster child for dual climate layering. Last week in the Canaries, I wore this very skirt with a white tank top tucked in and a pair of gold flat ankle strap sandals. I'm sorry now I didn't get a photo of time.

Lilly Pulitzer silk "Elephant" skirt (via ebay), similar /  Guess cropped pea coat (old), similar /  Nicky Butler ring (old), similar / Dune stiletto booties (old), similar, garnet and sterling earrings (old), similar


  1. Lilly is da bomb! Is that skirt vintage or a newer model?

    1. I completely agree. I arrived at Lilly later in life after convincing myself in my teens that I was a person who did not wear such colorful clothes. (to think of that now makes me laugh). I am unsure of the provenance of this, as I got it on Ebay but sizing wise I think it is newer. Lilly tends to run bigger in the more modern pieces, and this is a very big size 10. I even had to hem the thing, which NEVER happens. I'm guessing maybe mid 2000s?


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