Fresh Blooms

This time of year, as we are desperately waiting for those early signs of spring while the weather continues to disappoint, anything that serves as a reminder of the more colourful months to come is most welcome. Such is the case with this Forever Spring resin and flower pendant from Eternal Collection.

I've done several collaborations with Eternal Collection over the years - they're a Scottish company, based in Pitlochary, so it's always a pleasure to be able to showcase some local colour  (in this case, quite literally) on the blog. They pride themselves in bringing good quality costume jewellery and personalised customer service to the public, and have a particularly good selection of different styles, including a healthy edit of clip-on earrings - an area of the accessories market that is often underserved.

I love that you can literally wear a piece imbued with nature's most delicate and colourful natural spring offerings. Because it's made with natural flowers, each piece is unique, ultra-lightweight, and smooth - it's exceptionally comfortable to wear for a pendant of it's size. Additionally, the clear resin allows whatever you're wearing to be seen through the piece,  making it as versatile as it is beautiful.  If only the springtime appeal of this pendant might somehow have an influence on our Scottish weather...


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