Still Waiting for Spring

As per usual standard operating procedure, before we get underway I feel an obligation to let you know that it is in no way warm enough to be dressed like this. Sure, it looks like it might be - dry and partly-sunny and all that, but do not be fooled. in a few moments it will probably be sleeting again.

That said, even if spring is slow to show itself this year (we're supposed to get more snow on Weds), I am getting antsy to start wearing more colorful things. Between the Florida place and here I really have two completely different wardrobe personalities, and they are vastly different. My clothes for Scotland are pretty much sweaters and boots. Year round. My Florida closet looks like a flamingo threw up in there, it's all print and pattern and crazy colors and hardly any closed shoes. This look is probably more Florida than Scotland, but it's adaptable.

I found this top on the sale rack for £10 last week. It's from H&M, and I had been sort of seeing it crop-up (pun intended) again and again over the last few months. It is intended to be cropped a lot shorter, ending just under the boobs. As much as I liked the shirt, the material, the texture - I wasn't too keen to have a minimally-wearable super-short cropped top in my wardrobe that I would probably end up not wearing. Cropped tops just feel so...vulnerable. I can handle a super-short skirt, but a cropped shirt makes me feel cold and self-conscious. However, I got around this by sizing-up about a bajillion sizes. This was possible because of all the elastic in the shirt, so it actually still fits in the places it needs to, like the shoulders and bust. I think I went up like 5 sizes or something, but the result was that I was still wearing a cropped top, but just one that grazes the waistband of my higher-waisted garments instead of showing everyone my dedication and love for craft IPAs.

The handbag is a mini Rebecca Minkoff that I picked up secondhand recently, and if you like these earrings, they're from my Etsy shop, and at last inventory there were a few pairs left.


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