Pre-Game Warmup

I'm flying to Florida on Thursday (leaving behind my husband and doggie who are thrilled to be left behind!), so consider this the last in a series of warmups before I go "full flamingo" on you guys. For the record, I consider this look to be approximately 40% flamingo, so you can see that we still have a way to go yet. Always room for improvement.  However, as I've said before, you need to build yourself up to full flamingo. If you try to go full flamingo after a long, dark winter without the proper warmup, you could pull something, or perhaps maybe seize, or in my case, freeze to death, because even though it looks sunny, I could actually see my breath when the sun went under during this shoot. I could see my breath - in late April. *sighs*

This look is 100% secondhand, right down to the belt.  The skirt is (you guessed it) Lilly Pulitzer, and while from a distance you would expect flamingos on account of the pink color, it is actually owls. Because this is an older skirt, I was at first unsure of the name of the print - Lilly prints always have plucky names that incorporate whatever flora or fauna is featured. I imagined this would have been something like "Hoot Goes There!? or "Owl'nt You Glad I Didn't Say Banana", but a quick Google search revealed that the name of the print was actually "Night Owl", which if you ask me, is far less enticing than the ones I came up with. So if anyone from Lilly Pulitzer is reading this right now, please give me a job coming up with plucky names for your prints. I will not let you down.

I'll see you guys from the other side of the Atlantic soon!


  1. I'm excited to see Florida bring out your best! You deserve some warm sunny days.

  2. That owl print is just too cool!!

  3. YOLO - you obviously like owls. As do I! Great skirt, and it looks terrific on you. Looking forward to the full flamingo (another longtime avian favorite).


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