Skirt Day

Today the weather was a bit milder, so I felt like it would be safe to have a "skirt day".  99.9% of the time I wear jeans here in Scotland. Not because I don't like wearing skirts (quite the opposite in fact, they're far more comfortable), but really on account of the unpredictable weather. And as if to underscore the point, by the time I had uploaded these photos to my computer, the rain was lashing down outside so hard I couldn't hear the TV - with the added insult of the sun still brightly shining as well. (!?)

While this look is not particularly inspired, it's pretty typical of what I might throw on in a pinch when I'm having a "skirt day". I'm still in corduroy and wool (both thrifted pieces, J. Crew and Vineyard vines respectively), but my legs are peeking out. Somehow I don't seem to mind so much if the weather changes and just my legs are exposed. My legs can take it, and to be honest, I find wet legs far easier to endure than wet jeans.

The wedges, while they look towering, are actually from Aerosoles, and in addition to being incredibly comfortable they are an almost exact match to my skin tone, so they go with EVERYTHING.

I leave for Florida in just a little over a week now - this being the second instalment of me gradually edging my way towards wearing my summery clothes. One week from now we are going the full flamingo people, so prepare yourselves.

Thrifted sweater  (J. Crew) and skirt (Vineyard Vines) / Aerosoles shoes (old), similar / Tahitian pearl drop earrings (old), similar / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Bag


  1. When the sun shines through a downpour, we say that "the Devil is beating his wife." This area was settled by Scots-Irish immigrants in the mid 1700s. I wonder if that weather saying came with them -- have you heard the natives say many weather-related bits of wisdom in your years there?

    1. Most of the sayings around these parts are pretty traditional Scots sayings like "Blowin' a hoolie" , "chuckin' it doon", "it's a braw licht nicht tonight"...


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