Suspended Animation

Don't worry. Despite what it looks like, I'm not actually holding-up this shed. It didn't come crashing down the minute I moved away. That's just what our shed looks like. It could use a little TLC. Then again, it makes a good artsy-fartsy backdrop for pictures, so maybe not.

Speaking of things that are old and decrepit, here is one of my favorite peplum tops.  You may even remember it from here. And while it's not particularly decrepit, Lordy if you want to feel old and you have a blog just go back five years and revisit your favorite peplum top on your five years-ago self. Who the hell pushed the "hyperdrive" button on the ageing process!?  In fact, everything you see in this post is old. Including the human, as it turns out. Weird. I always forget that I'm getting older. I know that's a weird thing to say, but every day I wake up feeling pretty good, pretty much like the day before, so every once in a while when I catch a glimpse of my rapidly greying hair in a window or some body part starts responding differently to a workout or whatever the "thing" might be, it surprises me. Every time. It shouldn't, considering what I do for a living, but it does. Apparently in my mind I live in a state of suspended animation.

Thankfully, this peplum top from H&M is a good deal more well-preserved than I. When I was putting this look together, I was worried that it might be too "five years ago", but when I put all the pieces together I was reminded why I love and kept all of them. Peplum is flattering on just about everyone, and it's hyper-girly style lends itself well to mixing it with something more distressed.

The shoes were an impulse purchase on the internet several years ago that turned out to be one of the best investment pieces in my wardrobe. The earrings are available in my Etsy shop (perhaps the only thing in this post that is not a few years old), and my jeans also had a run on the blog way back when, also five years ago.  They've moved on a bit, as you can see.

Oh God. I'm starting to rehash old outfit posts and wallow in the past. This is it, isn't it? This is how it starts. Someone get me one of those sit-to-stand reclining chairs and turn on The Lawrence Welk Show.


  1. Nothing to be done except maybe don't look back at those pictures.
    Lovely earrings, by the way. May I make a personal taste comment? I think the ball with wrapped wire finding detracts from the rest of the simplicity and wonder if you'd considered getting a plain one, maybe like this type
    I actually buy plain hooks and almost always need to change because those ball & wire ones seem ubiquitous, but I don't know why.

    You look great with the grayer hair!

    1. That actually is my intention, to use the more simple fixings, but I had SO MANY of these more traditional ones left I sort of guilted myself into making a few pairs with what I had on hand.

  2. Stop talking about aging. You look amazing. You did then and you do now. Comparing is useless it was not the same you!

  3. Yes, the world keeps spinning and we keep getting older. But ... consider the alternative.

  4. Well....I loved this article/blog because I really feel the very same way. I DON"T feel older and yet I look in the mirror and am surprised, some days, and think I might be aging in dog years, lol. :)
    However, I wanted to say that, honestly, I think you look not only just as good as you did 5 years ago....I think you look even more beautiful.

    1. Well, THAT is definitely the bet thing 'Ive heard all day. Thanks so very much for that little midday ego boost!


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