The Full Flamingo

Several of you have been dropping it in that you were waiting with anticipation for the flamingo-meter to get over 80%, and I am happy to report that this has now been achieved. I am a bit late in getting to you with this - I have been a very busy girl. I had ordered a bunch of furniture-type stuff to finish-off the place, and had scheduled it all to arrive the day after I did, so I could get it done and not waste my entire time here waiting on deliveries.

Part of those deliveries were two Adirondack chairs I'd picked-up for the front of the house. Wanting to conserve funds, I ordered two chairs with "some assembly required", figuring I'd just have to attach an armrest or a backrest to a seat or some such thing.

What I received was two boxes that were essentially full of sticks with pilot holes in them, and a few baggies full of nuts and bolts.

So that was essentially Day One. Several hours, a ton of f-bombs, the use (thankfully) of my husband's Stanley tools (thank GOD he left those and I didn't have to use that little aluminum wrench that comes in the box), and I somehow managed to transform two boxes of sticks that were something my dog might bring home into two pretty decent-looking Adirondack chairs. I've even sat in them and thus far, nobody has died.

That left only one thing unfinished that had been really bugging me - the garden. We had beds dug and put some plants in when we were here in December, and with one or two exceptions, all of the plants made it through "the season"  (December through April-ish) intact. Dry, but intact. But realizing that the rainy season will soon be upon us again, I really wanted to finish the beds that we put in around he house with edging so that it not only looked nice, but when the rains come this year everything doesn't get washed away into the lawn.

I'm here by myself until next week, so I knew whatever I chose would have to be something I could make multiple trips to pick up myself in my rented Hundai Accent - which btw, as cars go, gets a "meh" from me. So eight trips to the local Home Depot (25 stones at a time was all I dared carry in the rental car), 200+ stones, and two days worth of carrying big cement edgers and trench digging under the Florida sun, literally with my hands at times, and we now have a nice stone edge border around all of the the garden beds around the house. And I now have the hands of a career ranch hand in his late 70s, but never mind. I was the most proud of herself person in and out of that Home Depot all weekend - I'm confident of that. It was to the point where all the old guys knew me, and I'd just walk into the garden center, and they'd leave me a flatbed trolley for my stones and they'd all yell hi. I am the Home Depot's Norm from Cheers. And I guarantee if you look closely you will be able to see the dirt under my fingernails for most of the posts I will do while I'm here.

So today is the first day of not having any "projects", or doing any workouts that involve cement blocks. So let's talk about The Flamingo, shall we?

This Lilly Pulitzer Fenella Romper is easily the most ridiculous, and the most fun thing I own. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing it when I tried it on during a shopping trip with a friend. I've always been suspicious of rompers (plus my husband hates them), finding that they are just not your friend when you are tall and long-waisted. Nobody was more surprised than I was when this not only fit, but actually was kind of cute and fun. For those of you who are long of body like me, I did go up a size with this. I usually wear a Medium in Lilly clothes, and this is a large, so that has a lot to do with why it's long enough.

Also, you'll notice that it complements the Lilly acrylic wine glasses I keep in the house. Good for poolside beverage consumption without the hazard of glass.

I feel I need to qualify here that despite my penchant for acid flamingo realness, the inside of my house is not decorated like this. I am very much into neutral decor, preferring to add the acid flamingo realness in the form of accent pieces that can be changed, and plants and flowers and whatnot. Just like with clothing, it's all about options - being able to change your look at a moment's notice.


  1. Bright colors and a tan! Great post. I'm a "full flamingo" fan.
    - Seattle

  2. The matching LP wine glasses are perfection. Nicely done!


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