Shop My Closet Sale!

Greetings readers! Once again, the time of year has come where I like to gut my closet of things that I haven't been wearing, things that might be climate or dressiness-inappropriate (I find that I have less and less of a need for really formal items these days), and just anything else that just isn't quite working for me. Being the avid thrifter that I am, I've put many of the things you see above (and more) on my eBay shop site, and there will be more arriving throughout the week.

American and all other non-UK readers, some of the more wintery items are listed as not shipping overseas due to the shipping weight, but if you absolutely fall in love with something, just send me a note and we can talk about it.

Click here to see the Shop My Closet sale on eBay.

Happy shopping!


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