The Meh Pile

I'm pretty sure men my age feel the same way about seeing us in rompers as I do about seeing them in hoodies, but like many people, I cannot resist the pull of a romper. I can't even really tell you what the allure is - for rompers or hoodies. I suppose maybe it's some sort of outward show of commitment to plucky youthfulness, because it's certainly not the convenience of them that is their strong suit. Be that as it may, there's something that keeps us coming back. I mean, why would we willingly choose a garment that sets the stage for having to sit on every restaurant and bar toilet essentially naked from the neck down? In that way, rompers can spur an existential crisis - reminding you of your own vulnerability while you shiver away under the enthusiastic Floridian air conditioning. Or...I mean...that's what I hear....

On closer inspection, I am not as enamoured with this romper as I was when I tried it on and brought it home from H&M months ago. The linen starts out as stiff as can be, then sort of morphs into what can only be described as a really wrinkled one-piece gymsuit from my junior high school years. It doesn't really drape all that well at the best of times, but the moment the stiffness of the linen goes, it takes what little shaping there was along with it, essentially leaving you wearing what appears to be a the dust bag from your last handbag purchase.

However, it's not to be remanded to the "meh pile" just yet. I think this romper may find a place in my wardrobe as a beach cover-up. The linen will be great for a sweltering climate, and it's dark, so even if your swimsuit creates the dreaded wet swimsuit boob and bum marks on the fabric, it isn't really going to show.


  1. Loving your colorful accessories!



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