Changes in Self

I quite often go on about how the inside of my closet in Florida looks like a Flamingo wandered in and threw up everywhere, but I really believe that the therapeutic benefits that are to be gleaned from the influence of a nauseous flamingo cannot be overstated. A sunny place requires sunny clothes, which in turn will likely inspire a sunny disposition. The famous actress and mentor Uta Hagen created an entire exercise around this concept, calling it "changes in self." As we stare down the barrel of a long, dark, rainy winter, I think we could all sharpen our changes in self game.

Today in Florida, we are having a "cold snap" - it's a frosty 75 degrees Farahheit (that's 24 Celsius to you European readers), and will return to the balmier mid 80s tomorrow, but in Southern Florida, that means the native Floridians will be wearing their puffer jackets and over the knee boots, things that 98% of the time, you really have zero use for in this part of the world, no matter how much you really want to wear them. Those of us who grew up in Wisconsin and currently live in the Scottish Highlands will look at this display and try not to sprain our eyeballs from rolling them so hard.


  1. Oh my goodness this is a breath of fresh air! I hate the dullness that seems to pervade our winter looks and have just recently bought a rainbow skirt and pink fluffy skirt as my personal pick-me-up. The wrap dress is so pretty and suits you perfectly, hurrah!

  2. Good to see you! I love the bright colors in this dress. Perfect for a winter pick me up. Your description made me laugh!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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