What Even Is This!?!?

Yes, it's been a while, I know. This time of year always feels a but over-scheduled and manic, especially when you consider that biologically, our species was probably meant to eat a bunch of salty meat and carbs and hole-up in den somewhere waiting for the thaw. Most of us are getting only part of that equation right.

Since we can't just hole-up for months on end, we have to find other ways of entertaining and self-caring during the winter. Personally I subscribe to one of those beauty subscription services where they send you a little box full of samples every month. I have grown to really look forward to those little packages arriving. I'm in month four, and so far it has been really great. However, inevitably there is always going to be a handful of items from these places that you just do not understand. That's where this series comes in.

I've created "What Even Is This!?" to take a closer look at those odd-duck straggler items that are still sitting at the bottom of your drawer months after you voraciously ripped the subscription package open and in two days used-up all the good stuff from La Mer or Anastasia. Nothing left but a weird egg-shaped bottle with whiskers and some grape jelly-scented nail tattoos? Not to worry. I got this.

So sit back, relax, and remember, this is fifteen minutes of our life that you will never get back.


  1. You. are. stinkin'. adorable. That's all.

  2. Laughed until I nearly peed myself. The Lion diaper! The scrape-some-charcoal-across-your-face sponge! "I don't need hot eyes in my life."

    Thank you for testing these products so that I don't have to.


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