Spring Cleaning!

Hi guys! I know I've been pretty sporadic of late! I've been studying to add a massage therapy credential to my cache of Things I Can Do, and I'm just at the tail-end part...the part where you need to study for tests and whatnot. Yes, I know. I'm already a Nurse Practitioner, so I should breeze through the anatomy, right? Well let me just say that when you work in medicine, you don't spend a lot of time thinking about how many layers-deep the erector spinae muscles lie, so yeah, I'm studying. Life-long learning and all that.

In addition to trying to expand my brain,  I'm also trying to clean. Once or twice a year I tend to go through the closet and get rid of things that are not getting the love and attention they deserve. This spring, I have been focusing on my jewellery box. I have a lot of really beautiful things in there, yet I find myself wearing the same handful of things over and over. Plus, between my "day job" and the massage training, rings are quickly becoming a thing of the past for me. 

So here's your opportunity. Need a gift? Just drawn to shiny things? (yeah, me too).

Just follow this link to my Ebay store. 


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