Hi. I'm Kristin. Here's what you need to know about me: Wisconsin "Cheesehead" who lives in Scotland and also sometimes Florida, freelance writer, blogger, ex professional saxophonist, current once in a while saxophonist, Air Force veteran, nurse practitioner, plant-based eater, left-leaning, horse person, and friend to all the other walking, swimming, crawling, slithering, and flying things.

There are all sorts of fallacies floating around out there about the fashion world, perhaps the biggest of which is that fashion is somehow at odds with being a fully-realised, intelligent human being. Or that it's not for a woman of a certain age. Or that it's not "real" art. Or that by enjoying fashion you are a shallow person, a vain person, or just a person who is not to be taken seriously. This, as they say where I come from, is bull crap. 

Sure, fashion isn't brain surgery, but it's not trying to be. But it is it's own ever-evolving discipline, and there is inherent value in that. Among other things, fashion can push boundaries and challenge you to step outside of the familiar.  Fashion can not only expand your wardrobe possibilities, but enhance your creativity and your confidence. 

Besides, everyone deserves to feel the caress of a fabulous new pair of lusted-after shoes,  even if there is a high probability that you may step out your front door and into a freshly-minted collection of sheep droppings. 

And now for the fine print

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